Friday, June 27, 2008

Wake up Call !

This morning we had a pleasant wake up call from our familiar Fed Ex guy! Our FBI fingerprints and clearance letter have arrived.I sent them last week with a prepaid Fed Ex envelope and eight days later they are back.Its not a big surprise that we do not have a arrest record but, at least now we can prove it and this part of our requirement is done. I still need to get them notarized,certified and Authenticated but, will wait until I have a couple more things together so I can do them in one trip.I also recieved our marraige certificates yesterday again!We had to order them again because some of the words did not print clearly on the other ones I ordered.Since all these documents are translated every word must be completely legible.

In other news, we had a fun time at Sea World.The first thing the kids wanted to do is the Wild Artic Adventure simulated helicopter ride.I am not sure I will be going on any more motion simulated helicopter rides any time soon.This weekend we have family in town for my nephew Kadens baptism on Saturday and for our other twin nephews Ethan and Owen baby blessings on Sunday.Lots of activity and family time.

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