Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News Update!

Our agency has informed us that our Dossier has been submitted to the Kyrgyz Embassy. We are so exited!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Life (This Week)

Our big 22 pound furry member of the family loves to"hang" around.He never complains and is an exellent listener to all who want to vent their frustrations.
Spending a fun afternoon with the family at the Pier in Santa Barbara.
Birthday celebrations is always a great way to get everyone together.We always have a birthday for someone around here pretty often.This time it was for Bryce. My girls hanging out and being silly during family night.
My girls being sisters and having fun.
Victoria( middle) and her soccer buddies. She scored two goals for her team yesterday!YAH!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly News

So,today is a day of mixed emotion.After being a teacher in the Young Womens Organization (girls age12-18) for over 3 years I was released today at church.The Bishop asked me if I would accept a calling in the Relief Society(Womens Organization) as a teacher.Although I will really miss being with the girls that kept me young( or at least kid myself that they did) I am exited to serve the lord in Relief Society.Change is always good even if it just takes a while to change gears.Today after church I had my last Young Womens activity as we went to visit one of "my girls"who had surgery this week.I so much appreciated the kind words and calls I recieved today . I will miss those girls!

In other news ,Bryce scored his first soccer goal of the season yesterday! He was playing so hard that my fair skinned blondie was as red as a fire truck but, that did not stop his determination. He was soo exited! It nice to see his confidence building .The bad thing was I did not have a camera! One of us usually has one but,not when we REALLY would of liked one.UGH!!

Lastly,Our Dossier should be turned in to the Embassy sometime this week.Our case manager is out of the office this week so I dont know if we will hear when it was delivered until she returns . I just pray we can get through the Embassy quickly !

Monday, September 15, 2008

What Do You Think Mom?

Victoria is already trying to decide what to be
for Halloween so,she thought it would be easier to
try on ALL of the costumes we have collected
over the years all at once! She decided this was a lot of work.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Forward

Yesterday I received word that our Dossier is done being translated and will be shipped to the courier in D.C. on Monday to get the last authentifications .The U.S.Department of State will take a few days and then our Dossier will be submitted to the Kyrgyz Embassy.We are making progress! After leaving the Embassy it will be in the hands of those making life changing decisions but,we do not know exactly what happens during this process except that it goes to the Ministry Of Education in Kyrgyzstan.I get strength from the scripture on faith in Alma32:21 "Faith is not having a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true".

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still in translation and Mexico adventure

I was hoping our dossier would be out of translation when we returned from Rosarita Beach Mexico over Labor Day weekend but,it is still not complete. A at our agency said hopefully it will be done sometime next week.It has been a month since we turned in our paperwork.Patience we must have. Our agency also does not have a line for referrals until after our dossiers come out of the Kyrgyzstan Embassy.I guess that makes sense since, we are not all requesting the same gender, age, and some are open to some special needs.I just cant worry about all this too much since I know it will all work out the way the lord intents it to.Its just hard to sit back and wait trust, and have faith. Much faith I must add.

Over the holiday weekend we drove down to Mexico.Rosarita Beach is about 4 and a half hours from here without traffic.The drive down was smooth sailing but, the way back we had a 3 hour wait at the Mexico/US border.It was hot and sticky and a very long wait for the kids. Trying to keep the 2 younger kids occupied in a positive way without any major meltdowns was really a Labor of love! I didnt have any good snacks left so next time I will definitely bring more.They were all wanting something other than Mexican food too.The condo and beach though were really great!Its always good to bring the kids down to Mexico so they can see first hand how blessed they are to have all that they do and become more grateful for it.When you see these little children begging and selling anything they can to survive is soo sad.