Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still in translation and Mexico adventure

I was hoping our dossier would be out of translation when we returned from Rosarita Beach Mexico over Labor Day weekend but,it is still not complete. A at our agency said hopefully it will be done sometime next week.It has been a month since we turned in our paperwork.Patience we must have. Our agency also does not have a line for referrals until after our dossiers come out of the Kyrgyzstan Embassy.I guess that makes sense since, we are not all requesting the same gender, age, and some are open to some special needs.I just cant worry about all this too much since I know it will all work out the way the lord intents it to.Its just hard to sit back and wait trust, and have faith. Much faith I must add.

Over the holiday weekend we drove down to Mexico.Rosarita Beach is about 4 and a half hours from here without traffic.The drive down was smooth sailing but, the way back we had a 3 hour wait at the Mexico/US border.It was hot and sticky and a very long wait for the kids. Trying to keep the 2 younger kids occupied in a positive way without any major meltdowns was really a Labor of love! I didnt have any good snacks left so next time I will definitely bring more.They were all wanting something other than Mexican food too.The condo and beach though were really great!Its always good to bring the kids down to Mexico so they can see first hand how blessed they are to have all that they do and become more grateful for it.When you see these little children begging and selling anything they can to survive is soo sad.


The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

totally understand about the waiting... trusting, knowing God has it all under control....but really not stressing... I so hear ya!!!
Thanks so much for the post... and for being apart of our cookbook.. thanks so much... I'll be watching for your recipes!!! I'm very excited..
praying for you guys...
Lanetta Gobble

Monica said...

Oh that stinks. I was thinking your translation was done. Did you think it was done and then A said it wasn't? Ours still isn't finished being translated either. We're getting there tho... soon hopefully!

Ann said...

Hi Corinne,

Still trying to figure out how to answer comments and this is all I could figure. Hope you do not mind me adding your blog to my watch list as I am a bit addicted to seeing how all the PAP's are doing. Thank you for your kind words. Best of Luck and hope to hear good news about your translations soon.