Monday, August 30, 2010

through the eye of the needle

The last couple weeks to me have been like a test to see how we will respond and deal with challenges that really feel like you are being put through the eye of a needle.The phrase "when it rains it pours" certainly describes our lives lately.

In the last couple weeks we have had our oldest son in the hospital again. He needed to be at a top notch medical center here California to recieve top expertise on his needs.It takes over an hour each way to get there with L.A. traffic. To say the least it has been very stressful. He is back home now and doing OK.At the same time school started here and I am having to deal with 4 different schools and schedules.Then we are right in the middle of a total kitchen remodel and have had endless delays and hitches therefore having NO kitchen for WAY to long and trying to feed a family of seven good healthy meals is really hard when you do not have a kitchen. I am so grateful for our friends and church family who have helped us survive the last couple weeks with food and support. On top of all that "our" judge in Vlad requested additional "New" documentation for court. Between hospitals.,schools, kitchen drama, I have been busy gathering these new requirment/documents. With all that being said, we are hoping to finally get a court date this week since I do not know what else anyone could possibly know about us !We were told to get our visa so, we have done that already. We have also done our required xrays and bloodwork again.

It certainly feels like we are being tested and pushed through a needle but, yet I am feeling a peace that comes from within that I know only comes from my believe that these things only make us to grow and realize we are stronger then we might think.I am not saying I am enjoying these times but,I am trying to view it in a positive way.

This week should bring good news. We do hope that both Little B and M will both be coming home soon.We still do not know for sure whether one of our little ones will be cleared for adoption after all. How and whenever ever this story ends we will always know we have done all that we could and now the rest we give to the lord.

Friday, August 13, 2010

hanging on by a thread

I have been quiet not because things are quiet but, because I am really unable to write too much at this time since this is a public blog and It would really only be a major rant session. There are so many things that I think should be known but, at this point I must hold it private.Everything we could possibly do has been done.One of my greatest fears however with this adoption may end up happening to us. In the meantime our documents are all needing updating and now not only need an immigration extention but, will probably have to apply for another approval after we are home with one and go back again.An immigration approval is a one way ticket home for the children only if they come home together.The frusration level has been high and I just trying to keep an attitude that heavenly father has this situation under his eye and knows what is best more then us.I am trying to hang on even if it is by a mere thread.If we recieved a court date by the second week of September for BOTH would be a great blessing and it would avoid so much stress and save us so much money we were not expecting to have to spend !This experience has really been one of the most difficult things to get through.It has been 8 months since we met our little B.