Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here We Go Again !

In a few days I will be off again to the place I could have never imagined I would go back least for a long time!! Yes, I am really going back to Russia! Not only to Russia but, to the same orphanage our son lived in.There is a long story behind the last couple sentences which I will have to explain later.I am still a bit overwhelmed with it all since we were not actively pursuing to expand our family but, some interesting and very unusual circumstances has us going back.The last couple months we have been very busy updating our home study , getting registered in region,doing tons of documents, and recieved our visa. We will need to make some important decisions this next week regarding this little one so, keep us in your thoughts and prayers please.

BTW,Today a year ago we returned home from Russia with our little ones. What an amazing year for them and us !

Monday, November 14, 2011

1 Year Already? Now and Then

One year ago this week we picked the kids up from their orphanages in the Vladivostok region.What an amazing difference a year can make!They were such brave little souls but, had such sadness in their eyes. Now a year later I would call them happy, active, fun, full of life ,love and spunk ! They are doing really well overall. They both speak in full sentences. Brock still remembers some Russian as sometimes he will still say DA !They attend a wonderful preschool in the morning and love it !We are just blessed to have them in our family! Life is busy ! OK, I mean really busy ! Next post I will share more about our new adventure we are embarking on.Sometimes we do what our hearts tell us to even though most of the world might wonder why !