Saturday, August 25, 2012

A few memories of Vladivostok 2012

At the orphanage on Gotcha Day July 1 2012
At the Bluff overlooking city an new bridge in Vladivostok.
Town Square in downtown.
Orphanage visit with Alexander right before court.
Visit with Analiese Dasha on court trip.
Visiting the doctor in her new office.Yes you read that right.
Good bye Russia July 14 2012
I wonder what they were thinking as we were ready to leave their homeland behind.
Vladd Inn. Our second home in Russia
Passing time at the Park by Vladd Inn.
Analiese remembered us!
Typical housing in Vladivostok.
Tran Siberian Railway ends here at the train Station in Vladivostok.
First night with us .
Driving all around Vladivostok with two babies and no carseats. Yikes !!
Our little Alexander the first time we met him. All pretty in pink.
Down town Vladivostok
Out side court building in Vladivostok

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our little Russians... Home Three Weeks

We have been home from Russia for almost three weeks. Alexander and Analiese are doing really well.Analiese has really surprised us with new found personality. She is blossoming like a little flower that is emerging for the first time.She feels right at home with her siblings and LOVES exploring her new world.She is picking up English very quickly.She says about 15 words consistently but, understands much more.We are mostly working right now with her nutritional needs and muscle weakness and some sleep issues. Once she is a bit stronger we will be able to work on some of her other needs.Alexander is our eating machine. Our baby boy is not going to be little very long.He is such a little charmer and loves to be cuddled and carried around by females. He still shys away from strange men.All the other kids are adjusting nicely to their new siblings.Milana is probably having the hardest time but, she is growing into her new big sister role.It is definitely a busy home with 9 kids but we are doing it and are all adjusting to the new normal of what I call structured organized chaos.