Thursday, December 17, 2009

Travel Dates Trip One/ Paperwork Queen

So, our first travel dates were actually set for this week. They however needed to be changed until after the Holidays.Fortunately we had not gotten our tickets so we were fine with it. Actually I felt really relieved because we would not have returned until Christmas Day and I really did not want to be away from the kids during Christmas.Our travel dates are now that we need to be in Vladivostok from Jan 17th to the 22nd.This gives me more time to prepare ourselves and the kids for when we are gone.Leaving a household with 5 kids that go to five different schools, homework,activities plus running the household is a very tall order for others to tackle . On a positive note I have been able to get a great start on the Court Dossier.I think we can get most of it done before we travel exept the medicals.They are only good for three months and I do not want to do them over AGAIN! We just finished our home study update AGAIN plus we needed to update a few docs.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Beautiful Baby Girl !

Three weeks ago we recieved a referral of a sweet baby girl in Vladivostok, Russia! It was not until last week that we FINALLY recieved her medicals though. We have ACCEPTED the opportunity to go meet this VERY TINY little one. This tiny petite little one is 12 months old. She was born premature and will have some catching up to do.
Our Travel dates are looking to be very soon!! I will know dates for sure in a few days. Looks like we are playing the adoption game of rushing then waiting then rushing again!
We are VERY exited but, go into this again with a guarded heart. We pray for wisdom,and divine guidance as we meet this adorable baby girl.