Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heading Home !

So, we are almost ready to go home !! We leave for the US tomorrow !! The children are doing well and Analiese in particular has really started to be more relaxed and comfortable and SMILE !! Yes she can do it !! She has even testing her limits which I am happy to see. She is known as the little princess here at the Vlad Inn. Little Xander is known as the sumo baby. He has some major cheeks !! Little Alexander has been very happy since the day we met him. Both have been eating and sleeping very well. They have learned to kiss,snuggle,and both enjoy being carried around All THE TIME ! We have had our stressful moments as well but, we will save those for next time. We are exited to go home and have the whole family together ! It is with mixed emotions I say that since over the last year and a half I have been here in Vlad eight times and have grown to love those here who have helped us in varies ways and have become our dear friends.Our family is complete now so, no more adoptions for us but, I am sure we will be back here again sometime.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gotcha Day Pics and update !

On Friday June 29th Caroline and I left the US and flew to Seoul Korea. We spent an evening exploring Seoul and took a flight to Vladivostok the following day.When we arrived in Vladivostok we found out our regular place we stay is closed off due to a former president staying there and they had no room for us. We were also not able to stay at the other hotel that others have stayed at down town because it was also booked.Our coordinater was a bit stressed because she had several families that had to stay in a not too great Russian Hotel.The room was about the size of a closet and had super bad smokey odor in it. Well, to make things even more difficult we found out that our little boy Alexander was in the hospital !What ?? He had had a bad asthma issue due to remodeling and dust in his orphanage.We were still able to pick him up as scheduled the following day but, we needed to stay in the smokey hotel room.Yikes !!Thank goodness the following day we were able to get into the Vlad Inn. Alexander is doing very well despite his asthma/ bronchial issues. He is a total love bug and it appears he has been taken care of well. He is eating and sleeping well. He is just super adorable !!! Our sweet Analiese is adjusting a bit better each day. She is trying SO hard to be so courages and brave. Evenings are difficult for her right now. Her sweet blue eyes fill up like crocodile eyes even though she will not cry out loud.I know she is mourning her familiar surroundings. There are several times during the day she will be happy and playing and all of a sudden she gets gigantic tears in her eyes. It is so hard to watch as she goes through this process of loss of what is familiar to her.There have been several times we both have big tears as I watch her through this process of change.I know it will just take some time for her shell to break.Poor baby she is so timid and sweet.We will remain in Russia for another 10 days until all the documents are ready. We already received passports and tomorrow we go to the US consulate.The traffic her in Vladivostok has been super bad so when we get back from our necessary outings we are pretty exhausted.