Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Always a twist

Well, we are moving along nicely getting our documents close to completion for court for our soon to be baby boy( who will be a year old soon). HOWEVER, We have also made a decision to return Back to Vlad and re visit the precious little girl we met back in December.She is never far from our minds and soooo .... we are going to go see her again and determine whether we could possibly can bring her home as well. It has been a wild ride the last few weeks to determine whether or not we could even reconsider reversing our initial decision. We have made plans to return to Vladivostok end of next week. We will have a chance to see her again with added info we have learned over the past month or so. .We will also see our baby boy who is in the same orphanage as little miss .We are on a bit of a crazy ride so, Iam just hanging on and trusting God to lead us to what is in store for us.There seems to always be an amazing twists and turns in our lives plus I am certainly putting on a lot of flyer miles !!So , it may be that we will have our four youngest children be ages 4,3, almost 2, and 1 !! Yikes !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family search

I have been wanting to write a bit about our experience with doing a birth search for our little Russians.I really had no intention of doing a search when we first started our adoption .It was not until shortly after they were home something told me it would someday make a difference for our children.I also wished to tell their relatives back in Russia that they were loved and treasured. We were fortunate to learn of a wonderful man through another family that adopted from Vlad who did family searches in and around the region of Vladivostok. We did not know if we would learn much since our info was some what sketchy.I can not express how much joy it brought to open up a video of our daughters birth mother and not only see an incredible resemblance to our daughter but, have her speak of her little daughter.Absolutely pricless beyond words ! Then a few days later we also received a video of our son when he was a baby. Such precious treasures that are just priceless.We feel really blessed to have received so much info and for our searcher Illich to be so diligent in his work for families. I am so glad we did it !

Reminder Day

18 years ago today we lived in Northridge California.We lived just a mile away from the epicenter of the Northridge Quake when it hit. It was just after 4 in the morning the the earth's furry showed its power.There really is not anything like being literally thrown out of bed with the loud frightening noise of the earth moving and shaking underneath you as well as hearing gas explosions very close near by.As our minds quickly grasped that this was not just a little shaker our minds raced to get to our babies and get out but, when the shaking is so hard it prevents you from getting anywhere fast and you realize just how vulnerable we all are.When we got out it soon became apparent our home was no longer livable as many were around our neighborhood.It was red tagged and our family was forced to move.Our family eventually resettled in a new home not far away but, the reminder of that day makes us always remember to be prepared both temporally and spiritually for things we may not expect.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

little hands

Oh my, there is so much to tell. It was a really hard trip back to Russia. I wish these children could all receive desperate medical attention before serious medical issues arise. . I wish I could snap my fingers and make it all better for some of these precious children.I will probably open a private blog to share our story of a little girl I had hoped to become one of ours. Unfortunately we will not be able to bring her home but, will help her with what she needs medically.She will always be connected to us due to circumstances. As I left and snuggled her with a blanket made just for her I promised her she is loved and would do all I can to help her and others who need medical help but, do not get it due to lack of funds.So much could be prevented !!I often wonder if we would have gotten there sooner would things be the same?I do know my eyes were once again opened to do all I can.

However we will still be bringing home another little one. HE is a precious baby boy!He was sporting a pretty Pink outfit!Yes, this will change.It has been a bit of changing gears for us but, we are exited to bring this little guy home.I was not really expecting to bring home a baby but, he really is and is precious !Do not know exactly when we will return but, am thinking probably April or May for court. Russia have changed the waiting period after court from 10 to 30 days so we will have to make another trip to bring him home.