Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear little ones

Dear precious ones,
We have been thinking of you everyday almost nonstop ! We are waiting for you as patiently as we know how.We hope you enjoyed your birthday gifts sweet miss M.You are so small for your age but,I know you will be doing much growing when you come home. Little B, I hope you are enjoying your gifts too and hope you are able to get outside and feel the sun on your face a bit each day.
We have started preparing the house and getting ready for both of you.It is going to be a bit of an adjustment again to have 2 young little toddlers in our home .We are still trying to figure out which bedroom to use and whether to put you together in one room.Mom has loved buying cute little sundresses and hats for you little M.I have also gotten several ride on toys that you love to ride little B.
All of your brothers and sisters are exited for both of you to come home.They are exited for you to be able to learn to enjoy swimming in our pool and enjoy going to the beach.I have a feeling you are both going to love playing in the warm sand and before you know it you will probably become little fish and enjoy playing in the water.
We love you little ones and will be there soon to bring you home !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great achievments !!

What a busy week celebrating great achievments!Since I do not talk much about our kids(who we already have) on this blog I want them to feel special too.
Brianna graduated this week and also recieved special recognition and honors for having ranked having the 4th highest G.P.A. in her graduating class.She also recieved a nice plaque for that honor too.During her junior and senior year she also took college courses and now already has a year of college behind her.She is looking forward to Brigham Young University in the near future.
Last week Bri also graduated from our youth seminary program for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.She was at church every morning at 6.30 sharp from Monday through Friday during the school year for All four years of high school. After seminary she would head straight to school.This is not an easy task !!Brianna's favorite qoute is "stand up for what you believe even if you stand alone"
We are very proud of her !
Caroline made us very proud as well graduating from Middle school and recieving a Presidents award for her high academic grades and leadership abilities. She is only going into high school but, is already taking her first class at our nearby community college.
Good job my girls !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Again

Home again just in time for all the graduations this coming week. I made it home just in time for seminary graduation for Brianna on Sunday. Now this coming week is High School graduation for Bri, Middle school graduation for Caroline and 6th grade commencement for Bryce.

On another note,I am happy to be home and know much has been accomplished this past week or so in Russia.Our sweet girl miss M is precious and so sweet ! Our little B is too ! We am very anxious to bring them home because they really need to be loved and nourished !! Ok, I am really going to be buying cream to put in food to get more calories in them.I was able to get more clear answers being there then from what our agency could give us.Not that I was happy with the answers I recieved but, at least I do not need to wonder what is really going on. For those waiting for court dates in our region need some more patience.The Hansen case has greatly affected this region.Hopefully the Vlad Inn will be full of adoptive parents and children again soon unlike the silence of my experience last week.I just really need my babies home !