Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stepping Out In Faith.

I have been wanting to post something since I returned home from Vladivostok but, have found it difficult to put my thoughts and experiences into words.Sometimes, there are just not appropriate words to express one's journey in finding oneself. I guess I do not see myself as very eloquent writer so, it is is hard to express it all.The week in Vlad has certainly put my test of faith to an all time high.I/we pleaded and prayed to know what was the right answer for us.My heart and head seemed to be fighting with one another. I wondered how could I? Then How could I not ? The little girl in me wanted to look up in the sky and hope there was a note there ready to read with the answer.I KNEW however I had listen.... very carefully.... to what Heavenly Father would have us do.
My thoughts turned to our oldest son who is 21. When he was born we expected a perfect child.Silly to think about that know since perfection is in the eyes of the beholder.Did I love our son any less because he had a lifelong disability? NO !! Do I wish he was different? NO !!! Is he the perfect son for us? YES !!! He has taught me more then any one in my entire life !! YES, REALLY !!
Anyway, though it might seem crazy or foolish to some we have stepped out with a leap of faith and have proceeded with adopting our little Miss D along with Little boy D.They are not twins but, both are tiny and both weigh about 16 pounds.

We have been told to expect to go back for court around the middle to end of April.If any one is counting that will make us a family of 11.Going from 5 to 9 kids in a year and a half !!( Deep Breath) !! We CAN DO THIS !

Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in Russia

Yesterday I finally arrived back in Vladivostok.This time we took a different route to get here. We have always gone through Seoul Korea to get here.Unfortunately Korean Air was not flying as often and I could not get on any flight going through Seoul.I took a different way through Beijing China which I would not recommend for anyone going to Vlad in the future. I have to go home that way but, never again.
Today I went back to the Department of Education to have permission to go see miss D.It was a long interaction with the well known person there but, she did tell me I had a lot of courage to come back again and wished us best of luck.After we went to the orphanage they brought her in all bundled like a mummy.It took like 5 minutes just to get everything off.Had to talk to the doctors regarding all the medical issues and tests and have the harsh reality once again became real as I held this sweet precious child. The next few days will be spent getting more answers and spending more time with her and making a decision to see what is ultimately best for everyone.I feel very strongly it is important for me to be here with her no mater what the decision will be.
Tomorrow I will get to see our little guy as well. We still need a name to decide on for this little munchkin !