Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in Russia

Yesterday I finally arrived back in Vladivostok.This time we took a different route to get here. We have always gone through Seoul Korea to get here.Unfortunately Korean Air was not flying as often and I could not get on any flight going through Seoul.I took a different way through Beijing China which I would not recommend for anyone going to Vlad in the future. I have to go home that way but, never again.
Today I went back to the Department of Education to have permission to go see miss D.It was a long interaction with the well known person there but, she did tell me I had a lot of courage to come back again and wished us best of luck.After we went to the orphanage they brought her in all bundled like a mummy.It took like 5 minutes just to get everything off.Had to talk to the doctors regarding all the medical issues and tests and have the harsh reality once again became real as I held this sweet precious child. The next few days will be spent getting more answers and spending more time with her and making a decision to see what is ultimately best for everyone.I feel very strongly it is important for me to be here with her no mater what the decision will be.
Tomorrow I will get to see our little guy as well. We still need a name to decide on for this little munchkin !


Sherry said...

Thanks for making us feel better about our Amsterdam to Moscow to Vlad route we'll be making this weekend. We avoided Bejing just on a gut feeling. Sorry to hear its been a drag. Prayers for a good trip 1.5 and safe travels home for you.

Anonymous said...

Let us know if we can assist while you are gone. Thinking of you .