Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am Thankful For......

I am thankful that I can go home to Switzerland often even though I am now a transplant Californian!
I am thankful that this little Swiss mountain village I can always call home.
I am thankful for my dear other half Daren!
For my children that tag along on all our adventures!
I am thankful my girls can experience being in the same place that mommy was when she was a little girl!There is nothing like breathing fresh mountain air in the Swiss alps.
Yes,I am thankful for my plump sweet boy! He will cheer anyone up with his loud purring!He is absolutely the sweetest cat ever!
I am so thankful for my mom who despite is visually impaired still has the courage to enjoy her world around her.
I am thankful for the Lords Temples where we can go to feel such peace and love.This is the San Diego Latter Day Saint MormonTemple.
I am thankful my sweet daughter finally turned 16!Now she can officially date!
I am thankful my handsome boy is learning to serve and be a good example.I am grateful for the beautiful sunsets we are able to witness here.
And for the beautiful things God has created for us to enjoy.There are so many other things I could say,but mostly I am grateful for my savior and his deep abiding love for us . Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Power of Prayer,Music and Scriptures

The great power of prayers,music and scriptures has been very healing and a great blessing to me the last couple of weeks.About a month ago I recieved a CD from a dear friend not realizing the true value of the gift.One particular song I thought was very touching and thought would be a nice gift to give to someone who was grieving and hurting.Little did I realize It would be me that would be so touched by it.The song is by Hilary Weeks(a Latter Day Saint Vocalist) which is called "Just Let Me Cry".The lyrics talk about how everything happens for a reason and when we have a heart there will be times when it will break.A broken heart is however what gives us strength.understanding and compassion.For those who have experienced this pain know it just hurts! Maybe Later I will figure out how to share this song on here.

Several scriptures have also been a great strength to me.
In Alma 36:3 we read"Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their afflictions, and shall be lifted"

In John 14:18 we read "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you"

In John 14:27 "peace I leave with you,my peace I give unto you,not of the world giveth, give I unto you,let not your heart be troubled,neither let it be afraid"

In Ether12:6 we read "After the trial of our faith do we recieve assurances and blessings"

Thank you so much for those who have prayed for my healing and peace.I have so felt your love and prayers. Even though the pain will not go away today and healing is a process I have felt showered in your love.Thank you my dear friends,family and husband for lifting me and carrying me through.

On a completely side note, maybe we will hear something positive on the adoption front soon which would certainly lift my spirits. I must be patient I know.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Year Ago

Today officially makes it one year since we started the adoption process! This is the day we signed with our Agency!This however does not include several months of prayer before we started. Has it been easy? No ! Did I think the process would be faster? Yes ! Am I grateful to be where we are at? Yes ! Did I realize we would get caught up will all the country changes regarding adoptions? No ! Despite all the changes,delays, unknowns, and waiting I am totally O.K. with it. I totally know the lord is in charge here. In my heart I also strongly feel things will be moving soon.I have had this very strong feeling of just needing to be prepared. Not just shopping for cute clothes but, preparing our family for some changes and even some unknown challenges.I know the lord is preparing my heart.I know he is preparing our family.I am grateful we have had this year to learn and grow more together as a family .

On another note,I have found it a great honor to be able to voice our opinions. morals and values this week. As a naturalized citizen I especially find it a great honor to be able to vote.Despite the fact that I did not vote for our president elect I pray he will have wisdom in guiding our country. I am however happy that our church put in much effort to help with the passing with proposition 8 here in California. Our traditional values are not always accepted but,it is such a gift to be able voice our opinions and beliefs.