Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We just love them !

We are a very busy family these days. Milana and Brock are doing well.Brock is mellow and charming and Milana is a firecracker and full of endless energy and very stubborn! They are picking up english very quickly.Brock is still having skin rashes probably due to allergies we are still trying to figure out but, getting better.Both are eating very well and have stopped hoarding food so much.Milana has already gained almost 2 pounds.I think she will catch up very quickly. Brock is still the same but, eating well.They are the same size so most people think they are twins.They are picking up english very quickly and are obviously liking all the attention they recieve from their siblings.They have enjoyed wagon rides, looking at christmas lights and running around outside without being bundled up like little russians in December.They are becoming little Californians and getting their vitamin D .Having two little toddlers is an adjustment again but, we are just so happy they are here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After a LONG 28 hour journey from Russia we are finally home with our kids !! Getting through the airports was bit challenging at times but, all considered they did pretty well. We are used to traveling internationally with children when we go back to my homeland Switzerland with the other kids so,I knew to just get through it.The kids are settling in nicely.The main issue right now is their sleep. Both are having a hard time letting themselves fall asleep. This will take some time. Miss Milana has already started to test her limits with all the over stimulation at home too. Parenting has already started.One of the most wonderful things however, I have seen is how Brock and Milana who NEVER met each until Gotcha day(since they were in separate orphanages 3 hours apart) have been a wonderful comfort to one another. Most people think they are twins because they are the same size even though Brock is 8 months older.Both kids are small but, I can already see some filling out.They have really enjoyed all the attention from all their older siblings. The first night home all of their 5 older siblings and auntie gave them a bath. They loved it !! The next few weeks will be really busy with appointments plus all the Christmas stuff !!I am not sure how I am going to get it all done but,now that I am the mom of 7 I know sometimes some things may just do not make it off the list so prioritizing will be in order.I can finally say this 3 year long and difficult journey to bring our children home has ended and now we can begin our new journey together !!We will have lots of stories to tell since we can also say now we made it through court with the SAME judge as the women who sent her child back to Russia and almost halted Russian adoptions! That was an experience !! I am just SO HAPPY TO BE HOME WITH OUR CHILDREN !!!!