Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How busy can a week get?

Where do I begin when there are a million things on my list to accomplish! Last summer when we submitted our Dossier for Kyrgyzstan I was so thrilled to be done with the paper chase.I was so exited that I was done done done !! Well, I spoke too soon. We are back in the full blown paper chase for Russia.I am not complaining for it is much more motivating to do this again when you have a cute little face looking back at you and know the sooner you get it done the sooner you go meet him! It IS however an overwhelmimg task to do another 2 dossiers! Russia requires 2- one for MOE and the other for court!
The amazing thing is we have been able to get sooo much done in a very short time! In one week we switched home study agencies, new fingerprints,had a new home study update including a home and safety visit,and had it written up! I mean this new home study agency ROCKS! Plus we have already had our Psych testing that is required for Russia! Much of the other stuff is repeates of Kyrgz so I can do them quicker.I do believe that we can get this first dossier done within two more weeks!On the other hand some things have gone by the wayside.OH Well !

On another note that saddens me greatly is that things in Kyrgysztan seem more uncertain then ever! My heart breaks for the families waiting for the children they hold so deep in their hearts.I do not know what will happen but,my faith and prayers are with all those involved.We too have come soo close to a referral with Kyrgz and yet are soo far with all the changes and uncertainty! What I do know is that God is in charge and he Will lead us in the right course for our family! To my adoption friends Keep the faith!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adoption Detour ! !

This past week has been very intense with much prayer and thought. Sometimes God leads us to things we do not understand and need to feel his guidance without a shadow of a doubt.Last week out of the blue we recieved a referral of a 1 year old adorable little boy from Russia! We were very surprised to say the least! ! ! We have no paperwork done for Russia!This was not the plan we had but, we know Gods plan is not always ours or at least in the way we think it will happen. We prayed and prayed and prayed and could not think of anything else this whole week! Our minds were so focused on what God wants us to do.We came to the decision that this little boy would be our son.We also came to the decision to remain in the Kyrgz program and do a concurrant adoption if things work out . If two children is Gods plan we will obey.Right now our focus is to get our first Russian dossier in to our Agency with Record time! We are having our homestudy updated to Russia this week and I am working quickly to get documents done. It will be my full time job the next couple weeks.It seems easier this time around since we already did this stuff once!It is however an overwhelming feeling to get this done fast! We ask for your prayers that we will be guided and directed in this journey to our little Siberian prince ! We feel a bit overloaded with this sudden change but, do believe we will also bring home our little one from Kyrgz too. God knows the plan and we will follow it as he presents it to us.