Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from Europe and Back to School!

Well,I have jumped back from being a Swiss girl ( as still so many call me) to being a California mom very quickly.One day I am by the Glacier with the goats in Switzerland and the next I am busy buying school supplies,shoes,clothes,picking up schedules.changing schedules,figuring out lockers, and trying to get my kids to get to bed earlier!

It is going to be a busy year.I have four different schools this year.Reece is a Senior and Brianna is a Junior this year.Caroline is in middle school and is going to be very busy because she is in the GATE program this year.Bryce and Victoria are both in elementary but at different schools. Our suburban pretty much knows the way by itself.The trick is always to get everyone to school by 8am all over town and to four different schools! The joys of having children.There is still plenty of room however in the boat (my car) for one more little person we hope to join us soon.

In adoption news,our Dossier is still being translated as of Friday.Our case manager said this takes two to three weeks so it may be done in a week or so.I am not putting specific time frames on anything though. I am still just enjoying getting that Dossier OUT OF MY HANDS!That was the biggest project we have ever had to get together.I am sure it will be worth it though.

When the kids are in school I will post some pictures.