Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our first week together

We have gotten through the first week !! Overall we are adjusting pretty well although it is exhausting doing this pick up trip on my own with two little ones.I will be glad when hubby comes to pick us us for the trip home! Personalities are already starting to emerge and some orphanage behaviors as well. Nothing that I was not prepared for just hard to see.Both children EAT EVERYTHING and eat it very fast.I have noticied the last couple days they are finally slowing down the food intake just a bit.It is funny trying to teach them to use a sippy cup because they already drink from a regular really well.Miss Milana is a good sleeper so far but, Little Brock is definitely NOT.
The last week we have been busy getting Passports,Visa's and new birth certificates.Yesterday we went to the US embassy so, all that is left is for the courier to get back from Moscow to register children.It has been relatively nice weather here for this time of year so I have been able to take the kids for walks. Although that all changed last night and it is now very snowy and Cold.After 4 trips to Russia this year I am so happy to go home on Monday ! When we return home we will be having our own Thanksgiving feast !!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Introducing our children... Milana and Brock

Milana Anastasia and Brock Bogdan

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Secret Prayer

I have thought over and over again of a touching experience we had last Sunday in Church while attending the small branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Vladivostok.It was not easy to find the building in downtown Vlad and we had to take an early train to get there on time plus it was a really cold morning but, I am so glad we pushed through it to attend church for the lord had a great gift in store.A gift that will forever touch our lives and build our testimony that God hears and answers prayers. At the end of the last hour of church a beautiful young 19 year Russian girl who joined the church three years ago sat down next to me.She knew why we were in Russia and very much wanted to speak to me.She told me how she wanted to share something with me that she has never shared with anyone else before. The deep conviction of something in her heart she wanted to share with me(whom she has never met before that day)had me glued to my seat and at the same time felt an immediate connection to one another.This beautiful young woman Anastasia began to tell me of how she was an orphan growing up in Vladivostok. She as a young baby had been in the same orphanage as our little girl.Anastasia told me of many of the hardships that linger on in life as one remains an orphan. When she joined the church her life changed for good.She had never felt truely loved by anyone until the missionaries found her and was taught the gospel and baptized. She has felt truely "adopted" by being a part of the church family here in the small branch who care deeply about one another.Since she was baptized however she has had a secret prayer she never shared with anyone.Her eyes began to water as she told me I was the answer to her secret prayer.I just could not comprehend how this could be but, I continued to listen.In a quivering voice she told me she had prayered that someday someone from our Faith would come adopt a child from her former orphanage. She had thought that would be an impossible possibility.Anastasisia's secret prayer has been answered and yet little did Anastasia know that our prayer of getting confirmation once again of his will for us was also answered by her sharing her secret prayer.After this experience we chose to use Anastasia for our little girls middle name to never forget a young girls prayer and how we were the lucky ones tobe able fulfill her prayer request.
In a couple days I return to Russia again FOR THE LAST TIME to pick up the little ones. The children will be ours completely in just a few days !Despite the long trip I am glad I came home to be with the other kids over the 10 day waiting period after court.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Successful Court

It was a day to forever remember yesterday !! We started out the day visiting the children and trying to prepare them for the upcoming transition in their lives. We then went with our translater and had some lunch at our favorite restaurant at the mall like place downtown Vladivostok. We then walked in FREEZING cold windy/snowlike rain to the courthouse.It was only a couple blocks away but, WOW it was COLD.We met our Russian cordinater at the courthouse where she went over the last few things of importance. After a two hour court hearing of intense questioning and being asked VERY detail questions on each child plus EVERY aspect of our lives our petition was approved. Our tough judge (think Hansen adoption case)was not going to let that kind of situation happen again.We are glad we prepared ourselves and really felt the Holy Ghost guiding our words as we spoke.

We are heading home today to see our children after being here Russia in for over two weeks on this court trip! I will return to Russia in a week when I can pick the children up after the 10 day waiting time.Thank you for all your prayers ! Right now I am just looking forward to seeing my kids and to sleeping on my own bed !

Monday, November 1, 2010