Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our first week together

We have gotten through the first week !! Overall we are adjusting pretty well although it is exhausting doing this pick up trip on my own with two little ones.I will be glad when hubby comes to pick us us for the trip home! Personalities are already starting to emerge and some orphanage behaviors as well. Nothing that I was not prepared for just hard to see.Both children EAT EVERYTHING and eat it very fast.I have noticied the last couple days they are finally slowing down the food intake just a bit.It is funny trying to teach them to use a sippy cup because they already drink from a regular really well.Miss Milana is a good sleeper so far but, Little Brock is definitely NOT.
The last week we have been busy getting Passports,Visa's and new birth certificates.Yesterday we went to the US embassy so, all that is left is for the courier to get back from Moscow to register children.It has been relatively nice weather here for this time of year so I have been able to take the kids for walks. Although that all changed last night and it is now very snowy and Cold.After 4 trips to Russia this year I am so happy to go home on Monday ! When we return home we will be having our own Thanksgiving feast !!


Marci said...

What a year to be thankful. Your journey to bring these little ones home has been inspiring and filled with footsteps of faith. thank you for your example, "in all things give Thanks to God". Can't wait to see you soon. with love, The Sargents

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to having you come home !!!!


Sabrina and Giorgio said...

You have your hands full! We're all thinking of you and wishing you the best Thanksgiving ever. Is the Vlad Inn decorated with a few turkeys? Are you able to fly back through Seoul.. or is that an issue?

Just happy to see you with the kids and hear things are going well.

GuinnessandKillian said...

Our girls ate so fast at the beginning and ate everything. Now a few months later they eat much more slowly and have learned they can have preferences and will still be fed! Can't wait until you're all home!

Becky said...

They are beautiful! Congratulations!

Heather said...

I bet you guys an exhausting and exciting Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for commenting on our blog. We are so excited to get to Vlad. Do you know if any of the families there are bloggers?

Enjoy your two beautiful additions to your family!
~Heather (