Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Am Ready For A New Year !!

To continue the pattern of this past year,certainly the last couple days could not possibly be uneventful right? The answer to that would be a definite yes!Instead of relaxing we had one emergency room visits, an urgent care visit and two emergency dental visits in less than 36 hours!! First, one of my boys comes down with a really nasty infection so we took him to urgent care because it was after hours.They gave him some antibiotics with pain meds and we were fine UNTIL later that night I took some cold medication for my never ending sinus issues and was severely allergic to it.I new something was very wrong when my hands,feet and mouth were all tingling and I was having a really hard time breathing plus I began to have such intense itching everywhere.I had taken cold medication before and did not have a problem but,in the past couple years I have become allergic to so many things,UGH Anyway, do my history of allergic reactions I had to be treated with a number of things .Soo after spending the whole day and night with those issues, my daughter wakes up early this morning( I am still really drowsy from the meds) and says her mouth really hurts where she had her impacted wisdom teeth pulled last week.So we called the dentist and got her in for an emergency visit.She was treated for minor complications and sent home with a new antibiotic.THEN I finally sit down and try to relax and I begin to drink my herb tea to clear my intense sinus issues and my top front tooth (Veneer) comes out!! I was about to swallow the very expensive tooth! Now mind you it is new years eve and we already went to the dentist on an emergency basis this morning once before ! I call and told them my new veneer came out and they are like wondering what is up with our family today.I was fortunate to get in today (even though it was a four hour visit) and have them put on a temporary until my new veneer is made again!I was really nervous having them give me anything for numbing because of my allergic reaction last night but,I was O.K. So,I am done with any medical and dental issue for a while!!!( that is until my new veneer is done)

In regards to this past year as a whole it has certainly been a a year of personal growth and learning.I honestly do not remember a time as hard as this past year.So many difficult challenges,sickness,losses,disapointments and heartache.I DO see this past year as a BLESSING in that my faith has grown and my relationship with my family and with God has deepened.I have learned that I CAN handle more than I thought I could.I AM grateful for the challenges that have helped me become a better person and has refined me to be more like our savior.I continue to marvel at the great peace and assurance that one can find in the midst of despair.

I look forward to 2009 with the spirit of hope and faith and that the lessons I have learned this year will help me in the next.For those friends who are going through the roller coaster ride of International Adoption let us all continue in our faith and prayers to bring our children home.Let us hope and pray mid January will be the turning point in that direction for Kyrgz families! Wishing you all a wonderful new year!