Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Family Pics

Christmas pictures 2013                                          

The leaders of this family.                                          
    Our 4 little Russian blessings.

Milana , Brock, Analiese, Alexander
 Our oldest 5. Bryce,Caroline,Victoria, Bri,Reece. We call them the originals.
The whole family including our son in law Jordan.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Then and Now..... One year later

Our little Analiese and Alexander have been home almost a year now. They have changed and grown so much. Analiese has gone from a frightened little girl to the most amazing little girl that lights up the room with her smile.In Russia she was considered unadoptable for a number of reasons.So glad We listened to our heart !!She is loved beyond words. Zander has grown SO much as well ! He is our little charmer 2 year old boy now.He has all the ladies wrapped around his fingers.We feel so blessed to have been able to bring these children into our home.Our hope continues that some day soon that Russia will allow those children waiting to join their families in the US be allowed to do so.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

At the end of December we added our first son in law to our family! Our daughter Brianna and Jordan were married in the LDS Temple in Newport Beach California!We are so happy for them!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our special day at the Temple !

Our sweet children Analiese and Alexander are now forever ours. They were sealed to us for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles LDS temple on February 16th 2013. What a special day it was for our family ! All nine of our children were with us plus our son in law and friends and relatives. what a special day we will always remember !

Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Years Home

Two years ago yesterday we arrived on US soil with our little Russian treasures.Brock and Milana have done amazing. Brock is now 5 and attends Kindergarden and is doing super.He is still a small little guy for his age is happy, healthy,tender hearted, and obedient. He is every ones friend as well.A few weeks ago he runs into the kitchen and says "Thank you so much for being my mommy I just love it" Such a sweet boy ! Milana is 4 attend preschool and is our leader type, super strong willed, loud,fearless,gymnast who is mega strong for her age !! She loves clothes and shoes and would change ten times a day if I let her.She holds no secrets and verbalizes her thoughts very well and very bluntly. She keeps us from not becoming lazy parents.We love her so. It really seems like they have been a part of our lives forever !!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Picture update 3 months home

Fun at the pumpkin patch Oct. 2012
Analiese and Milana our beautiful Russian Princess girls
Brock,Alexander and Analiese enjoying some sibling love
PumkinPatch with big sis Caroline.
Sweet Analiese now smiles freely and often since coming home 3 months ago from Vladivostok
Brock and Milana home almost two years from Vladivostok, Russia
Home 3 months
Before trunk or treating With sis Victoria Brock Milana Analiese and Alexander and Mama
Analiese and Alexander Home 3 months from Vladivostok Russia
Our sweet Alexander. He has become such a big boy in the last three months since coming home Yes, we have been busy around here !I suppose that is true for families with nine children.We are all adjusting to each other in one household as we learn more about each other. We have had many appointments for varies things with the kids.Nothing we did not expect just keeps us super busy! Are newbies are doing great !They are simply amazing little sponges !! We Have our typical adjustments with everyone but feel blessed things with them are going well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A few memories of Vladivostok 2012

At the orphanage on Gotcha Day July 1 2012
At the Bluff overlooking city an new bridge in Vladivostok.
Town Square in downtown.
Orphanage visit with Alexander right before court.
Visit with Analiese Dasha on court trip.
Visiting the doctor in her new office.Yes you read that right.
Good bye Russia July 14 2012
I wonder what they were thinking as we were ready to leave their homeland behind.
Vladd Inn. Our second home in Russia
Passing time at the Park by Vladd Inn.
Analiese remembered us!
Typical housing in Vladivostok.
Tran Siberian Railway ends here at the train Station in Vladivostok.
First night with us .
Driving all around Vladivostok with two babies and no carseats. Yikes !!
Our little Alexander the first time we met him. All pretty in pink.
Down town Vladivostok
Out side court building in Vladivostok