Saturday, June 15, 2013

Then and Now..... One year later

Our little Analiese and Alexander have been home almost a year now. They have changed and grown so much. Analiese has gone from a frightened little girl to the most amazing little girl that lights up the room with her smile.In Russia she was considered unadoptable for a number of reasons.So glad We listened to our heart !!She is loved beyond words. Zander has grown SO much as well ! He is our little charmer 2 year old boy now.He has all the ladies wrapped around his fingers.We feel so blessed to have been able to bring these children into our home.Our hope continues that some day soon that Russia will allow those children waiting to join their families in the US be allowed to do so.


Charity Roach said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!! All of your children are!

Barb said...

Thanks for posting an update. What a beautiful family you have!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful Children ! You are an amazing family.