Friday, October 29, 2010

Long Russia update The good and not so good

A couple days ago we did our required 8 doctor russian physicals here in Vladivostok. It was interesting to say the least.The physicals took place in what they call a hospital but, used to be a former mansion to a single family before the revolution.It had beautiful ornate moldings that were interesting to see.The actual physical took place in like a ballroom type room with very little privacy.It lasted about 45 minutes and then we got to pay the hefty bill.It was definitly the most interesting physical I can ever remember.
We have been able to see both children.The first day we drove the two hours north to see little B.The very first thing that I sensed from his deep rich brown eyes was relief. I will not ever forget his expression on his face as I am sure he has wondered if we would ever come back.He is such a sweet and loving little boy. he has a nasty rash/infection on his head that we are trying to figure out what it is.I do not know if it is scabies or something else. He has not grown much at all.His slender build body makes him look even smaller.We also went to see our miss M. She also has not grown much. She too is just so small for being a little over two.Miss M is very attached to her caretakers and was having a harder time at first.However at the end of our second visit she was hanging on to my neck for dear life.I do think she will have a harder transition at first because she is a bit confused at what is happening.
Yesterday we had our first court date. Our judge(much more on that subject after we return home) is requiring two courts because of two childen. We had our first court date yesterday and we did just fine. We knew we would have to go back for a second court when we came but, we were told the second court would be within a few days of the first. The judge however did not give the final court date for another 10 days !! We are trying to change our tickets to come home for the ten day waiting period but, flights out of here those days are full.We are still figuring things out and whether I will be able to go home for those ten days now .I am trying to just roll with the punches here but, its hard because I have 5 kids at home!!In the meantime we are trying to stay positive and see what else we can possibly see here in Vladivostok.

Monday, October 25, 2010

We have arrived !

After 29 hours of travel we arrived once again in Vladivostok. We are no longer just known as the California family but, they actually know our name here at the Hotel.Even the lady down at the little grocery store remembered us and wondered if we were back for another adoption. I am not sure we were able to communicate we were still in the process with the first one.Anyway, we are glad to be here and get this process finalized.
Tomorrow we have our Russian physicals. I am not too stressed about it. There have been so many stressful things in this adoption that this just is not one of them.I certainly would not have gone through this process if I was not heathy enough.

Our first court date is this Friday and the second the following Friday.Then we have to wait out the ten day waiting period. That means we have to be here for two weeks before the ten day waiting period even begins.It is just too long for me to be away from the family so, We will return home for those ten days an then I come back to get the children.Yes, that means we will have made 4 trips to Russia to complete this adoption.
I am finally starting to feel like this actually will happen.I am a bit nervous about court since we have heard this judge is very tough !Plus we still have hurdles to jump.
In the meantime we will get some walks in down by the bay before the snow starts. It was a lovely 26 degrees today when we arrived.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally !! Court Date !!

Waiting NINE months since trip 1 to Russia for a court date yesterday we FINALLY found out we have 2 court dates for our little ones. Long story I can not go into here but, we have to be in Russia in 7 days !! Our first court date is Oct 29th and the second within a week.Due to our complicated case I may need to stay the entire time which would be over a month in Russia.I am somewhat paniced over this since running a household of presently seven is a full time job and my mommy heart is missing my kids already.I have a wonderful brother and famiy who is taking over but, it is a HUGE task to take over a large family like ours . I was planning on coming home for the 10 day waiting period and then going back. We are trying to figure it all out here in the next day or so since we have to leave by the end of the week!!! We have our visa but, our bloodwork is still in the works because they told us it is only good for 30 days now.We have been waiting waiting waiting and now we are rushing like crazy people trying to get it all together in less then a week !

We still do not know whether one of our little ones will be cleared to come home with us but, we hope and pray what ever the outcome that our hearts will be at peace and know we have come and have done all we can.