Monday, October 25, 2010

We have arrived !

After 29 hours of travel we arrived once again in Vladivostok. We are no longer just known as the California family but, they actually know our name here at the Hotel.Even the lady down at the little grocery store remembered us and wondered if we were back for another adoption. I am not sure we were able to communicate we were still in the process with the first one.Anyway, we are glad to be here and get this process finalized.
Tomorrow we have our Russian physicals. I am not too stressed about it. There have been so many stressful things in this adoption that this just is not one of them.I certainly would not have gone through this process if I was not heathy enough.

Our first court date is this Friday and the second the following Friday.Then we have to wait out the ten day waiting period. That means we have to be here for two weeks before the ten day waiting period even begins.It is just too long for me to be away from the family so, We will return home for those ten days an then I come back to get the children.Yes, that means we will have made 4 trips to Russia to complete this adoption.
I am finally starting to feel like this actually will happen.I am a bit nervous about court since we have heard this judge is very tough !Plus we still have hurdles to jump.
In the meantime we will get some walks in down by the bay before the snow starts. It was a lovely 26 degrees today when we arrived.


Gloria said...

Glad you made it safe! Can't wait to hear how the rest of the trips goes! Good Luck at court! I am sure everything will go just fine.

Charity said...

Praying for a positive outcome for you and your little ones!!! I can't wait to hear more about your trip - and especially can't wait to see those babies!!! Travel safe! Update us when you can!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for updating us! It is so fun to read about couples in-country. Brings back all those great memories. It is only now that I look back at it all, and really find it the most wonderful experience of my life. It is amazing - I LOVE Russia, and hope to go back one day. Can't wait to see photos of your new children!


Cindy said...

Enjoy this time that will certainly become a memory to always remember.We are thinking of you !!

GuinnessandKillian said...

So glad you're back and I hope things go wonderfully - you deserve it! Blessings and prayers! (P.S. We ended up making 4 trips, too!)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well for you in the next couple weeks. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love, CC and family

Jeannie said...

I finally figured out how to comment ! You will do great in court. You know that you are a capable loving mother who has gone to the ends of the earth for these children.Love you girl !!

Shelly and Steve said...

Your physical are probably biggie right?? Kinda funny I thought. Just no fun handing over the $1000.

I hope it all goes great and the outcomes are exactly hoped for.

If you can, please tell Irina we (The Bergs) are doing good and Anna is good (I pretty much left there in tears). I so hope we can get our kids together after awhile when you're home!!!

Maggie and Randy said...

I think we saw you at the 8 doctor medical! You were coming in as we were leaving. Funny, huh? Wasnt that like a Nascar pit crew of doctors? Good luck with your court dates. Maybe we will see u then.

Randy and Maggie