Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little getaway to Utah /Adoption Update

During our spring break we headed up to Utah to see our daughter who attends BYU.We ended up having somewhat of 3 season getaway from enjoying some spring snow in Salt Lake to enjoying some nice spring weather to down right being hot in Las Vegas on the way home.We had not done a road trip for some time. (we are more the flying type)The little ones actually did really well considering it is 11 hours of driving from our home.They actually like their car seats and soak up watching movies in the car.

On the adoption front.... our documents will be submitted to court this coming Tuesday. We hope to hear something regarding a court date within a couple weeks.We had to wait for the release letter for baby girl to arrive in Vlad before documents could be submitted to court. Our soon to be little girl is having a birthday this week.She is going to be our tiny 2 years old.Our little soon to be little boy is now 13 months.I have a feeling most will think they are twins since they have the same hair and eye color plus are the same size.Most people who do not know us still think Brock and Milana are twins as well. I guess we will have our second set of virtual twins. Sometimes I just want to pinch myself and stand in awe of what we have been called to do.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A few recent pics/court documents finished

This week was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Good news is that we finished our court dossier and it will be off to Russia in a few days. I seriously should become a professional Dossier helper person. I have done these things way too many times !
On a sad note, we lost our gentle giant 23 pound Maine Coon Feline. He was our Therapy cat for our Autistic son for 13 years. It was tough on him and the other kids for he has been with us for so long.
Found the camera again so maybe now I can take some more pictures.