Thursday, September 30, 2010

My thoughts of this journey

I wish I could still find more joy in this long adoption journey right now.

In my opinion,some laws and rules do not always serve the best interest of children.

Despite the fact that our judge did not like our official F.B.I. clearances because it did not have the wording she liked I need to keep reminding myself I have never committed any crime EVER.I have never even gotten a traffic ticket ever !

Trying to come up with redundant type of documents over and over again to please a judge who does not appear to be adoption friendly makes my heart sad and weary.

When you are told that you will not know whether your little girl will be allowed to be cleared for adoption after all due to a complicated situation until you are in court makes me fear a broken heart.

When you have done ALL you can,faith and prayer is all that is left.

Trusting God and accepting the way it turns out takes courage.

I have learned to really become a MAMA BEAR to fight for my children that in my heart our already mine.

A mommy heart can heart deeply!

It is not my nature to ask for much but, any extra prayers for us would be appreciated that the judge will give us a court date on the third try by our Russian coordinater to bring one or both of our little ones home.This Mamma is ready to end this journey to bring them home.