Sunday, October 28, 2012

Picture update 3 months home

Fun at the pumpkin patch Oct. 2012
Analiese and Milana our beautiful Russian Princess girls
Brock,Alexander and Analiese enjoying some sibling love
PumkinPatch with big sis Caroline.
Sweet Analiese now smiles freely and often since coming home 3 months ago from Vladivostok
Brock and Milana home almost two years from Vladivostok, Russia
Home 3 months
Before trunk or treating With sis Victoria Brock Milana Analiese and Alexander and Mama
Analiese and Alexander Home 3 months from Vladivostok Russia
Our sweet Alexander. He has become such a big boy in the last three months since coming home Yes, we have been busy around here !I suppose that is true for families with nine children.We are all adjusting to each other in one household as we learn more about each other. We have had many appointments for varies things with the kids.Nothing we did not expect just keeps us super busy! Are newbies are doing great !They are simply amazing little sponges !! We Have our typical adjustments with everyone but feel blessed things with them are going well.

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Rachael and Jason said...

I would love to get in touch with you if you are ok about that. We are just about to go to court in Vlad, and we also have a big family. I would love to know the types of questions you were asked, as we have been told we will be grilled on why so many kids etc. my email is My New Zealand friend said she meet you over there.