Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Years Home

Two years ago yesterday we arrived on US soil with our little Russian treasures.Brock and Milana have done amazing. Brock is now 5 and attends Kindergarden and is doing super.He is still a small little guy for his age is happy, healthy,tender hearted, and obedient. He is every ones friend as well.A few weeks ago he runs into the kitchen and says "Thank you so much for being my mommy I just love it" Such a sweet boy ! Milana is 4 attend preschool and is our leader type, super strong willed, loud,fearless,gymnast who is mega strong for her age !! She loves clothes and shoes and would change ten times a day if I let her.She holds no secrets and verbalizes her thoughts very well and very bluntly. She keeps us from not becoming lazy parents.We love her so. It really seems like they have been a part of our lives forever !!

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Anonymous said...

Love those sweet children ! And their family.