Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Year Ago

Today officially makes it one year since we started the adoption process! This is the day we signed with our Agency!This however does not include several months of prayer before we started. Has it been easy? No ! Did I think the process would be faster? Yes ! Am I grateful to be where we are at? Yes ! Did I realize we would get caught up will all the country changes regarding adoptions? No ! Despite all the changes,delays, unknowns, and waiting I am totally O.K. with it. I totally know the lord is in charge here. In my heart I also strongly feel things will be moving soon.I have had this very strong feeling of just needing to be prepared. Not just shopping for cute clothes but, preparing our family for some changes and even some unknown challenges.I know the lord is preparing my heart.I know he is preparing our family.I am grateful we have had this year to learn and grow more together as a family .

On another note,I have found it a great honor to be able to voice our opinions. morals and values this week. As a naturalized citizen I especially find it a great honor to be able to vote.Despite the fact that I did not vote for our president elect I pray he will have wisdom in guiding our country. I am however happy that our church put in much effort to help with the passing with proposition 8 here in California. Our traditional values are not always accepted but,it is such a gift to be able voice our opinions and beliefs.


Becky said...

thanks for the comment! I think they are the cutest little engineers ever. :) We live out in the country, so people go a little overboard when kids come trick or treating as we don't get many out here, with handfulls of candy, full size candy bars, and other large things like cans of pop! :)

1yr seems like a long time, but all that paperwork.... yowsa. I hope things move along smoothly soon, mostly for the families between trips waiting to go back and get thier babies.

Lori said...

Here's hoping another year doesn't go by before babies are home!!!

I agree that family values are not always wanted or accepted, but that sometimes tells me that I am right in my beliefs...being in the world but not of the world... it is not easy to be a Christian, but Jesus promised He'd always be with us--even on the rough roads!!
Congrats for the win in California...I was glad to see it!

C and C Beecher said...

beautifully well-put! i admire your pure faith corinne. thank you for being a good example to me.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

aahhhh... the "one year post"... isn't it sad, yet ok at the same time?! I remember when first starting to follow blogs that I'd run across these and think... wow... what a long time to wait... and here we all are... wow! God has truly given us peace that is amazing... I can feel it in your writing...
I agree totally with the president elect... not my choice either... but, we now (as fellow Americans) need to PRAY for him and all our leaders... Prayer can change hearts, minds, and decisions....
I'll stop.. about to get on a soap box here... LOL!
Love ya girl.. Have a great day!