Monday, November 14, 2011

1 Year Already? Now and Then

One year ago this week we picked the kids up from their orphanages in the Vladivostok region.What an amazing difference a year can make!They were such brave little souls but, had such sadness in their eyes. Now a year later I would call them happy, active, fun, full of life ,love and spunk ! They are doing really well overall. They both speak in full sentences. Brock still remembers some Russian as sometimes he will still say DA !They attend a wonderful preschool in the morning and love it !We are just blessed to have them in our family! Life is busy ! OK, I mean really busy ! Next post I will share more about our new adventure we are embarking on.Sometimes we do what our hearts tell us to even though most of the world might wonder why !


Charity Roach said...

You can't tell us there is a new adventure and then leave us hanging..... ;) Hope the next post comes quickly, as I'm anxious to hear of your new adventures.

The kids are absolutely beautiful! You surely can tell when kids acquire the love of a family and home! Amazing difference... such sunshine in their eyes now!

Anonymous said...

Your children are beautiful !The light in their eyes speak for themselves. What a wonderful example your family is of Christ like service. Much love to you all.


Becky said...

Happy 1yr old M and B!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 year home !!! So nice to hear see them thriving in their home. Sara

Anne said...

We currently have bio children and are trying to adopt from Russia. I would like to communicate with you. Please email me.
thanks. Anne