Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly News

So,today is a day of mixed emotion.After being a teacher in the Young Womens Organization (girls age12-18) for over 3 years I was released today at church.The Bishop asked me if I would accept a calling in the Relief Society(Womens Organization) as a teacher.Although I will really miss being with the girls that kept me young( or at least kid myself that they did) I am exited to serve the lord in Relief Society.Change is always good even if it just takes a while to change gears.Today after church I had my last Young Womens activity as we went to visit one of "my girls"who had surgery this week.I so much appreciated the kind words and calls I recieved today . I will miss those girls!

In other news ,Bryce scored his first soccer goal of the season yesterday! He was playing so hard that my fair skinned blondie was as red as a fire truck but, that did not stop his determination. He was soo exited! It nice to see his confidence building .The bad thing was I did not have a camera! One of us usually has one but,not when we REALLY would of liked one.UGH!!

Lastly,Our Dossier should be turned in to the Embassy sometime this week.Our case manager is out of the office this week so I dont know if we will hear when it was delivered until she returns . I just pray we can get through the Embassy quickly !

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