Saturday, June 21, 2008

Progress Made

This past week we were able to get our FBI fingerprints taken and sent out.This was one of the new requirements for our Kyrgystan dossier.Our agency informed us the FBI should process it quickly if they know it is for an international adoption.I followed the instuctions carefully so hopefully we will have clearance in a couple weeks.We also updated our medicals.We did them to early not knowing the delays and changes in the dossier.We also had to get a new cover letter for our Home Study because some of the attachments were no longer needed with the new changes. The list goes on but, at least we made progress.Now we wait again for others to do their job so we can move forward .

It was a quiet week here with two of the kids in Arizona visiting my brothers family and grandparents.I have totally forgotten what it is like to have three kids verses five.It was like a mini vacation at home.I guess I must really be used to organized chaos.On Monday we will take the youngest three kids down to San Diego for the day.I will take them to Sea World while dearest husband attends a meeting and will join us later.

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Monica said...

Hi Corinne!
Sounds like you're doing great with your dossier. We're doing the FBI prints tomorrow and will have to redo our medicals too. We did that back in March when we did the medical for our homestudy. I knew we'd have to redo the dossier medical forms but didn't expect it would be before we even turned in our dossier. Oh well. It will be so nice to be done with all of our dossier. You're closer to that than we are but hopefully we won't be too far behind you. Wondering what agency you're with? Sorry if you told me before - I just can't remember.
Best wishes to you.
Enjoy Sea World!