Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prayers Answered!

We recieved the best gift today which is our USCIS approval.We have spent much time in prayer with help in getting this processed.It has taken over 4 months!We thank all our friends and family who have kept us in their prayers.I am so happy to finally have all the pieces of our dossier together.It really is better then Christmas.We have had to update forms make changes, redo a bunch of stuff since we were waiting so long and docs are only good for 6 months but,now I can see a light to being able to turn in our dossier.I am feeling so thankful and relieved. A HUGE weight has been lifted.

In other news we had a great time on our vacation to the Florida Keys.We spent a couple days in Fort Lauderdale before heading to the Keys.We stayed at a beautiful resort with lots of fun stuff for the kids including a private Lagoon to swim which the kids loved and snorkeled all day .The kids thought the thunder storms were the coolest thing since we do not really have thunder and lightning storms here in southern California. Reece turned 18 and my sweet Victoria turned 7 while we were away.Since both have birthdays during the week of the fourth of July they are usually on vacation with us somewhere.


Lori said...

Congrats for all the pieces to put together!! We're waiting on our FBI clearance now (you know, teachers and Marine officers are on the top of the 'questionable' list... :)

Progress is great! Glad you are enjoying vacation also!

Monica said...

Hi Corinne! Wondering what's going on now and if you've gotten your dossier turned in... and if you have any idea of what comes next in this journey?
Bets wishes to you!!!

Rose said...

I too am in the midst of a 4+ month long wait for my I-171H. Filed I-600A in early April, Home Study set early May, fingerprinted early's now August 8th and still no I-171H. I'm also having to redo everything. Any chance you live in NJ?