Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waiting,Teeth Woes, and Laundry Mania

So, we are waiting sort of patiently for a Court Date ! Honestly, I am not expecting it to come for another few weeks because two documents had be changed slightly. Since hubby and our oldest adult son have the same name they wanted us to designate one to father and one to son so there is no confusion. It was not a big deal to do but, it did entail us to get them authenticated again.I do not even want to know how much we have spent just on authenticating alone for this adoption since each document is 20
dollars here in California.

While waiting I have been spending WAY to much time at the dentist! I THOUGHT I was being smart by getting a crown that was recommended before I went back to Russia for a month. Well... my "experienced" dentist compromised a root in the tooth and now have mega nerve pain in my jaw ! Lets just say losing 5 pounds on my small frame makes my body look and weigh like a twelve year old ! Now we have to wait and see if I will need a root canal. This is not what I need or want before I leave for Russia ! ! UGH UGH UGH !!

My other keeping busy project has been to organize a better laundry system in our home. 7 people plus having kids in sports generates A LOT of laundry !!I am one of those that likes everything organized but, the laundry battle is uphill so I am working on a new and improved system.Now if only I could catch the sock snatcher !


Monica said...

waiting is so very hard.... sigh hang in there! I hope you hear SOON!

And oh my GOSH you HAVE to share your laundry tip!

amy and kevin said...

Oh my, your post is similar to mine... I got a temporary crown this morning and am in major pain :( I hope we get our court dates soon ~ that could definitely ease my pain!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh yes, those Calif. authentications are something else. Sorry to hear about your dental woes--I hope it's all fixed soon! My only laundry tip is: get your husband to do it. That's what I did! Although, I still do the ironing. We are only 3 people, so nothing like yours.

Lori said...

Oh...I had to have TWO root canals because my wonderful (and I mean that...I really loved him!) dentist fractured two of my teeth (accidentally) and we ended up having to crown them. The crowns didn't help, so I had to have the root canals and NEW crowns. Ugh. Still have to be careful with those two teeth. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Hope the wait flies by too!

Cindy said...

I had some teeth woes last year and it was a PAIN !Sorry you have to deal with that when you have other things you would rather think about. In regards to laundry I need help too !