Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Good And Not So Good

So, why is it that good news seems to always come with not so good news in the world of International Adoption.I am so ready to get off this roller coaster ride but, we ARE going to stay on until it is over.The ups and downs are really wearing on me and yet I see the miracles along the way that keep me going on this journey.
The not so good news include...
1. Some judges in Vladivostok is now requiring FBI clearances on top of state clearances for court. We already have them from when we were adopting from Kyrgyzstan but,Russia requires them to be less then 6 months old.Of course this happens right before we get a court date! We did get them done but, they are normally taking 13 weeks to process!! We are working on getting them expedited so we will see what happens.
2.As told a few weeks ago our region is also now requiring the 8 doctor medicals to be done in Russia. Again we just finished up our medicals in the states going through hoops to do them!It was like a full time job getting medicals for 7 people!We were however informed we will probably be able to do them in Vladivostok and not have the extra expense of going through Moscow.
3.The release letter from Moscow for little B had not arrived in Vlad yet! It as been over two months!
Some times my human nature begins to just get so frustrated with all this but, then there is GOOD news that only God could orchestrate. Hopefully in about two weeks I will be able to share what it is. The timing would be perfect so,I am trying hard to remember God has it all under control.


Ann said...

Just recently I also have compared my adoption journey to a roller coaster that I would be happy to come to the end of. I would much rather step off and get on the ever faithful carosel! Oh I yearn that day. But.. like you I am sticking with it until the end of the fierce roller coaster hills are over. God has a greater plan I just follow. So hard all the hoops we jump through to love our children. Can't wait to hear your updated good news!

Anonymous said...

We think of you often as you are going through this journey.We hope the ride gets less bumpy for you. We are al exited to see the end result!


Lori said...

Sorry for the complications, but excited for the good news I can't wait to hear. Praying earnestly for you!

Shelly and Steve said...

Oh yes, the roller fun at first, now all the loops and drops are making me SICK!! I think its made by Toyota and isn't putting on the breaks anytime soon ;-) But I just know it WILL end soon and we'll be reunited with our children.

You are experiencing the SAME hoops we are. Calling the FBI really did help get them done. If I hadn't called, our fed ex envelope would still be sitting in a pile. They actually did find it and process it for us.

The 8 doc medical requirement now just flat stinks. Thats a lot of $$$ and time added on to an already hard journey with kids at home.

We are also waiting for the release letter. Oh I hope they're not back up too!! Perhaps we'll meet up in Vlad!

Cindy said...

Hang in there ! Hoping the ride will be over soon.

Christina said...

Sorry there are more bumps in the road. IA is not for the lighthearted so it can certainly take a toll with all of the ups and downs. Looking forward to your upcoming good news.

Jeanne said...

Seems like the hurdles never end! I hope you can get past these soon.

C and C Beecher said...

I had a daydreaming moment the other day while I was waiting outside of the middle school to pick up Craig. I was reflecting on the wonderful after-school talks we had at the park behind the Wood Ranch Elementary after school. I truly cherish those memories with you & the kids. Love & hugs!