Friday, May 4, 2012

Court Date !

We have received our court date to adopt baby boy D and little miss D. We have to be in Russia on May 21st so we can do medicals on May 22nd !! Our court date is the beginning of the following week ! The medicals in Vlad however are only done on Tuesdays in the afternoon so that is why we have to be there almost a week before court.We also need a couple visits with each child as well.Our other option is to go through Moscow and do the medicals there but, that's a lot more hours on the plane than going over the pacific through Korea ! We were not really expecting to get a court date until around the middle of May because of the holidays the first couple weeks in Russia but, we did.I am really feeling exited and a bit overwhelmed here since I also have to go back to my homeland of Switzerland on a very unexpected trip this weekend as well !! I will return one week before we are off to Court.It looks like our court trip will be about 10 days long. We will then come home and wait the 30 days before we can go back and pick them up and bring them home !


Mama 2 Charlie n' Jack said...

Wow, Corrine, I had NO idea this was going on! I must be living under a rock. All, I can say is WOW. God bless you and your beautiful family. You'll be in my prayers as you embark on this final journey to make your family complete!

Anonymous said...

I am in AWE of your family !!!breath Corinne !! WOW !!


Tracy said...

Congratulations, Corinne! So exciting! Fingers crossed and best wishes for a successful court trip!

Shelly and Steve said...

Corrine that is amazing! Still with Oleg and Irina? I should send you with a picture of Anna so they can see she is good. I pretty much left Vlad in a puddle of tears.....very worried! We have said this before but we MUST get our Russians together once you are stettled in with your 4!! (if that will actually ever happen :o) GOOD LUCK, I know it will go great.

Anonymous said...

I agree with others ! Wow Your family is just AWESOME!!!