Friday, December 9, 2011

Totally Exausted

I am still in Russia. I am so emotionally and physically exhausted with all that has happened this week.It is all so intense it is hard to write about right now.I am just so mentally exhausted trying to make life changing decisions when things keep changing.We have had to make some decisions this week that are just hard .REALLY HARD and PAINFUL to my heart !
There have been some nice moments like returning to my children's former orphanage and sharing hugs and pictures of the kids with them.I was able to see both orphanage directors and their former caretakers. They of course loved the pics and donations.They were very interested in our children's lives and development.Everyone here has been very kind and supportive despite all the drama this week.I usually do pretty well under stress but, this week the water works just kept coming.
When I return and know more about our decisions I will share a bit more of our story.


Anonymous said...

Hey Corinne,

when are you going to share ?
I am dying to know what you have decided!!


Anonymous said...

Just heard about your adventure !! O my !!! You are very brave !How long do you have to decide? Sara

Deborah said...

Fill us in girl !