Friday, January 7, 2011

5 weeks home from Russia

The children are doing great. They are growing and learning so much.I am amazed at how much they understand already and are beginning to say in English and Swiss. Each day we are thankful they are home and belong to us !! The stress of our adoption journey is SLOWLY beginning to fade as we grow to love them more each day. Yes, of course there are things we are working on with them being toddlers and having lived in an orphanage much of their babyhood but, we expected them to go through an adjustment period and learn to be part of a family. Our journey to bring them home was one of the most difficult experiences with all the uncertainties of not knowing how the story would end however, we have now moved on to our new journey to teach them our family values and learn of their great purpose as sons and daughters of a loving God.It is the most sweetest thing to see them fold their arms and bow there heads to pray.The feeling of completeness has arrived for our family and we are so grateful.


Ursula said...

Corinne, I think it is wonderful that you are teaching the children Swiss. We also plan on teaching our son a couple of different languages. You are obviously doing a great job with your kids, they look so happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Such cute little kids ! They look great ! Your whole family is just
so beautiful !!


Jeanne said...

Delighted to hear they are doing well! How wonderful to feel that sense of completion, too.

Marcy said...

They are so lucky to have you for a family! They are adorable and look so happy!

Kate said...

Enjoy --- They look so happy and content. It takes some time for the adoption drama to go away but it does. Now all you have to do is love them All the Best Kate.

Christina said...

Such beautiful kids. They look so happy. You have such a great family Corinne.