Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life lessons

A couple days ago Victoria came home from school somewhat quiet. Apparently several kids at school were talking about the little boy sent back to Russia by his adoptive mother.Several kids at school asked her if little B was going to have stay in the orphanage now?( All the kids and teacher know about little B ). We had spent time talking to each of the kids about the reality of things possibly being delayed to bring little B home because we did not have a court date yet before all the fiasco started.Victoria then said "It is not fair Mom. We did not do anything bad and you would not ever do what that lady did. Little B did not do anything bad either.Besides we already have clothes and cool toys for him to play with and we WANT him to be in our family.Can you tell those people in Russia that?" If only it were that easy.Still waiting for a court date... hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Those lessons that life is not always fair are tough! Praying for you guys !!!


CC said...

Thinking of you and hoping for the best! Hang in there. I totally agree with Victoria!

Lori said...

Have been continually keeping you and Ann and all others waiting so anxiously for their sweet little ones in Russia in prayers!

Christina said...

Keeping you and all of the others waiting in my thoughts and prayers.

Jeanne said...

So hard for adults to understand, let alone children. Hoping for better news soon for all the waiting children and families.