Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still hanging on to Hope !

Well, I will say this journey of adoption has taught me many things and continues to do so .Even when things tend to go from one disappointment to the next I continue to hang on to what we know as Hope! I do believe that someday I will look back and see the growth and faith this journey has given me. I have spoken several times to our Agency these last few weeks. They still have not received the referrals they are expecting from their region in Siberia.That being said even then we REALLY hope we will be able to accept the referral!Our documents continue to sit and "Age". I am soo tired of having to redo docs, redo notaries. authentications, fingerprints and on and on because they may expire! Things in Russia slow way down in the summer in regards to adoption so we shall see what happens. I no longer even have an estimated time frame because I just do not know! In regard to adoptions in Kyrgyzstan nothing will even be addressed until after the elections and even then it will be uncertain to say the least.I would have never thought we have two dossiers for two countries sitting at the top of the list and we still wait and wait.Really, I am not complaining but, it is just frustrating ! Again I come down to HOPE! We certainly are not getting younger and the kids are growing up .At this point we will just follow the plan according to Gods timing.


Robert and Bethany Pearson said...

You are doing the right thing by continuing to be proactive. You are following Heavenly Father's plan for you. You will gain from this, and it will be all worth it. That child is preparing for you whether its in the spirit world, the womb, or in a temporary home. All this waiting will come to an end so that you may start a new beginning.

Jeanne said...

Fun to see pictures of your lovely family!

Sorry you have so much uncertainty with the adoption right now. Keep moving forward, and you will arrive at your goal.

Monica said...

Yes I still have hope too! I continue to refuse to even consider "when" do we give up. I do think it will happen for you and for us too if we are patient for the right timing. I'm really looking forward to reading that you have accepted a referral and are on your way traveling to meet some precious little person!!! That's exciting that you have kept your dossier in Kyrgyz as well. We have completely given up on Kyrgyzstan and I feel so bad about that. I *know* there are still children there that would thrive and love the opportunity to join families here. I hope they get it together in that country to allow those children better lives with a family.

CC said...

We continue our prayers for you guys!