Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom there is a problem!

I recieved one of those DREADED calls today where the pictures tell the story. Brianna was leaving the school parking lot after her rehearsal and within seconds the car she drives has taken on a new appearance. She was wearing her seatbelt and the airbag protected her from the frontal impact.
She is fine except for the airbag burns and seat belt bruises.We are VERY grateful for that and know it could have been a lot worse.I am obviously very glad no one else was in the car and no one else was hurt. Being a mom of two teenage drivers is a bit scary as one can see. Looks like mom will be doing some more driving around for a while! It just seemed a lot easier when the kids were small and you could put them in a carseat!

To add to the exitement of the day AS I am posting there is a rattle and a shake that rumbled through the house called as minor earthquake.
In addition to everything today 3 of my kids have the flu! OK I need calgon to take me away!


Jeanne said...

Glad that she is OK!

Cindy said...

Holy Cow! Glad she was wearing her seat belt and had an airbag! Hope she is feeling Ok.

Lori said...

Good grief! What a day! Glad she is ok and hope the burns (and nerves) go away soon!

Anonymous said... are such a trooper always being sooo calm and collected when stuff comes your way! You really roll well with the punches that come with having a lot of kids.This is why YOU have the priveledge of being their mother!! HAHA Give a hug to Bri for me.


Becky said...

Oh my gosh, thank God she was ok! That looks so scary!

Hope the kiddo's are feeling better soon!

Marci said...

Man, can't things slow down at your house for one week?? I'm so glad Brianna is ok. I'll be happy to help with the drives for your kids. Let me know if you need a little's calming like calgone!

Monica said...

I'm dreading the day I get a similar phone call. SO glad she was okay. Your house is BUSY just like mine.... at our house on Friday my teenage son's car was vandalised in the school parking lot during school hours! It's always something.

Looking forward to hearing your exciting news of a new referral soon.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

whew... scary..
So glad to heat that she is ok!

Briana said...

I heard about the car accidents. Yikes! I never want my kids to be able to drive! I'm so scared.