Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A General Update

I have had several requests to update so I will share as much as I feel comfortable sharing on a blog. In reality I have tried very hard not to let myself get caught up entirely with adoption stuff. I have felt a need to detach a bit and regroup. I have focused more on things that I CAN control like spending more quality time with my family.In regards to adoption we have had some more disappointments and have not been able to feel comfortable accepting a referral.Our faith is being challenged but, we remain positive that the right child Will cross our path.

Last week we had a little family get away and flew to Utah for a ski trip and visit family. Daren, his brother and some of the kids went sking in Park City while the rest of us shopped and just hung out with cousins. I had forgotten how cold snow is! Lets just say I am not sure I would survive comfortably in winter outside of So. California anymore!

Easter was a lovely day spent with family. We are normally back in Switzerland at Easter but, we had changed our plans because we were suppose to be in Russia during this time . We will see what happens in the next couple months so we can reschedule everything.I have to admit my heart has been feeling heavy this past few days as my thoughts have been on my dear sweet church friend who died this past week. Her husband and four young children will miss her dearly! I know Gods arms are tightly wrapped around them and that brings peace.

We will see what the next while brings.Today I am headed to get our USCIS fingerprints updated.I can not even count how many times I have been fingerprinted since we started the adoption process! How many fingerprints does one need to prove you are not a criminal ? I know it is for the protection of children so we just have to go along with the process!


Cindy said...

Corinne, good to hear from you!You always find something positive from difficult things.I just really love that about you! Glad you had fun in Utah.

Lori said...

Though your heart may be heavy, it is being lifted up daily! I'm starting to have a little notepad at bedtime for all the people I am praying for--for strength and comfort. You're SO on that list!! I hope Spring is the season things start to happen!

PS--Your security word is "prized" as in you are prized by the Lord and He promises good things!

The Stahnke's said...

Hang in there. Your right that God has that child already picked out for you somewhere. I heard that while we were waiting and sometimes it still didn't bring comfort. He is unlimately in control, and my prayer is that somehow that will give you the peace you need.

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear you've had some family time. I have been asking different people who adopted from Russia if they had to turn down many referrals. Most had declined at least one or two, and some as many as six. They all say that when it was the right child for their family, they knew it. Like you, I am frustrated having to put life on hold while waiting.

Monica said...

You sound good.... I am praying for your family too. Things will happen when they should.
Continued best wishes!!!

CC said...

Praying for good news for you guys soon.

Holly said...

I'm sorry about your friend who passed away, that is very sad.

As for the excessive number of fingerprints required to prove that you and your family are not unsavoury types, it sounds suspiciously familiar to the ridiculous process my supervisor at work recently had to go through to get police checks processed for all the staff who have contact with the children.

There ended up being ten forms, one for each of us, so she sent them all of together to the place they were meant to go to, and a few days later got them all back in the mail explaining that they were not able to be processed due to their not each being in their own SEPARATE envelope with another envelope included to post them all back in! Ten of them individually!? Twenty (A4 sized) envelopes!?

Coincidentally she was telling me this ridiculous story on April 1st, so I initially thought she was having me on. Unfortunately she wasn't. o.O

I hope everything gets processed smoothly for you. :)

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

Praying for you... enjoyed the update.... so sorry about the loss of your friend.. I'll be praying for the family..

You know that we're praying for you....